Where to Eat

Something I found hard when first becoming vegan was finding places to eat when I was out and about.  Vegetarian options were limited but they still existed, though I found vegan meals/snacks very hard to come by – until I researched properly.  Research is SO IMPORTANT!! It makes things so much easier because you’ve done the prep, you know what and where to avoid, you give yourself at least a few options to work with.

What I found

Now, I was a bit funny with asking about vegan options in places (“no I don’t have milk… eggs… or cheese… yes I do still have nice things…”) so I preferred to speak to people who work in restaurants and I used social media (Instagram) to find places and menus myself.  This is how I discovered EAT. and their vegan friendly options.


Here we have their Mango & Coconut Chia Pot made with coconut milk with shreds of coconut on top and Rebel Kitchen’s Chocolate Mylk.  I’d never had a chia pot before today and it was so creamy and tasty I want to make my own with different flavours.  The drink was also made from coconut milk (maybe not for you if you’re not digging that coconut vibe) but definitely more chocolatey than coconutty.

Is there anything else?


YES!  This is the Harissa Houmous Rainbow Salad Protein Pot (yet to try) as well as a Harissa Houmous & Rainbow Vegetable sandwich, which I love.  There’s a bit of spice and the textures of the veg make it really lovely and colourful to eat.  Naked juices and smoothies you can pick up pretty much anywhere and I just reused my last one as a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Check EAT. & Rebel Kitchen

Where are your favourite places to eat vegan?

Have you found any easier ways to order vegan food without it being from a specific menu?

I’d love to find out, so click comments 🌱


4 thoughts on “Where to Eat

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  1. Hi. I recently ate at Bella Italia and was pleased to see they have vegan options clearly marked on their menu so you don’t have to go through all the tedious questions 👍🏼


  2. I totally agree about research – I was invited to a family gathering at a Beefeater recently and didn’t fancy my chances. I didn’t want to make a fuss when the menus came out so looked at their menu/nutritional/allergy info online beforehand. I found a vegetable pasta dish that I just needed to order without cheese or there was a bunch of sides that I could’ve had (corn on the cob, fries, salad) with either BBQ or French dressing. They obliged with a plain bowl of fruit for dessert (not on the menu).


    1. Hi Simon. I’m glad you found something 🙂 I wouldn’t have thought that a Beefeater would cater for our diet but I hear their online allergens info is really good!


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