LUSH Product Review

Hello, my ‘Shiny Happy People‘ ☀️

As promised on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, here’s my review:

Back in September I received this lovely LUSH gift set for my birthday and finally tested it out last night.

It’s a box wrapped in white paper with yellow smiley faces on, which is an instant pick-me-up.  Tucked in with the protective ‘polystyrene wotsits’ (I don’t actually know the name of them…) is a helpful little booklet with more glorious products in.
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What wonders lay inside? Well …

The yellow label gives you a picture and description of each product and also has “SUITABLE FOR VEGANS” printed along the bottom – thank you, Lush 😇

Refresher Shower Jelly – best kept in the fridge until you want it and is really good at waking you up in the mornings.  The description on the pot says it helps increase circulation as the cold jelly is applied to warm skin in the shower.  It smells zingy and the lemon definitely comes through with this one.

Layer Cake Soap – I’m not usually a fan of soaps as they tend to make my skin feel quite dried out after I use them, however this one left me feeling clean, smelling wonderfully fruity and mesmerised by the berry colours.

Beautiful Shower Gel – IT SPARKLES.  IT SMELLS DIVINE.  I LOVE IT!!  Also comes with handy hints on how to use (image below).  I’d say my favourite product of the three from my first use.  It’s yellowy/orange in colour and lathers really nicely.  I didn’t find the sparkles stayed too long but it was lovely while it lasted ☺️


You can find this set and others on the Lush website or visit their Instagram or Twitter.

What have you guys used from Lush? I’d love to hear what you think of what you’ve tried!

🌱  xx


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  1. I love Lush, they’ve got so many natural products AND they don’t test on animals. Good stuff. That shower gel sounds great! I haven’t tried any of their shower gels yet (only their Snow Fairy Body Conditioner) but I think it is time for me to check it out. Great review, and lovely blog.

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