About a month ago, I was at my boyfriend’s house and managed to leave all of my skin care stuff at home… not a smart move.

I rummaged through my bag to try and find something, ANYTHING, that was going to be better than a partially dried out baby wipe and some water.


I found a gem. A little pot of product that I’d been using as facial moisturiser and hair mask but never even considered using as makeup remover…

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My recent favourite ❤

Take an amount roughly the size of your thumb nail and rub it aaaaall over your pretty face. You’ll look like a greasy Alice Cooper, but it’s all part of the fun.

Wash it off with a warm, damp flannel and your skin will be squeaky clean and glowing.

I like to put an extra weeny bit on as a moisturiser just before bed because my skin gets crazy dry in the winter and oil on my skin isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

(However, I have the food grade oil, which I’ve read is too intense for beauty purposes, so I’ll probably be getting a beauty grade pot next)

Anyway – not only can coconut oil be wonderful as part of your facial skin care routine, it’s a lovely body moisturiser and a really effective hair conditioner. My nails feel stronger, my eyelashes are longer and my hair is progressively becoming less and less dry.

I love it 😇❤

Have you used any oils before? Which ones and how did you find them?

Thank you for reading and have a good day 🌱 xx


5 thoughts on “COCO-LOCO

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  1. I will definitely try this. I do love using natural products that have more than one use – fewer bottles in the bathroom and less unnecessary packaging. Everyone knows Moroccan Argan Oil is good for shiny hair but I’ve been using a few drops morning and evening as a moisturiser on my face and neck (I’m 46). It is suprisingly light and is making my skin lovely and soft. No more niggly dry patches. Ive been using Dr Organic – love it x

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  2. Coconut oil i truly a god send. I also posted about it in my blog….we tend to limit its use on our skin, but taking it as a supplement has amazing benefits as well. You can check out my post for this. When you do purchase though…I’m not sure about “penny sales” you want a pure good quality oil, not tainted. Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the journey!


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