Rainbow Vitamins

This year I decided to make New Year’s Goals instead of Resolutions – resolutions always seem short term and stressful but I want this year to build me up for the long-term.

For a while, I’ve been excited by finding all these dairy free alternatives to cakes and biscuits and chocolates, and got a little too carried away by them.  They’re wonderful in moderation, but I’d much rather eat clean and make my own food, for the most part.

After a weekend of bread and takeaway meals (not good for my body or my pocket) I felt like I needed to fuel myself with more fruit and veg.

Et Voila!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

A banana and pear smoothie with a plate full of veggies and some hummus 🍌🍐💚

A quick, healthy and filling lunch – New Year’s Goal achieved, right?

Not quite…


I am not a doctor but I have some personal experience I feel would be beneficial to share.

Now, one meal full of veggies isn’t going to magically make everything okay with your body – it takes research and commitment to really heal from the inside.

It’s important to be aware of the nutritional content of your food – I’m aware that I need to make sure I get enough IRON and VITAMIN B12 in my diet.  Iron contributes to the normal function of red blood cells in the body and B12 helps keep nerve and blood cells healthy whilst preventing lethargy from megaloblastic anaemia.

Combining foods containing Iron (broccoli, spinach, kale, peas, beans) and Vitamin C (carrots, peppers, bananas, watermelon, oranges) helps your body absorb the Iron better.

I also take B12 supplements because even though you and I can get it in products that have been fortified, I’ve been advised that I can’t get enough on a vegan diet through foods alone.  The body produces B12 naturally but once it’s depleted, you’ll need to get it back through injections every 12 weeks or rely on supplements.


“Supports normal energy yielding metabolism and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.   Vitamin B12 supports normal red blood cell formation, cell division and homocysteine metabolism”

My Rainbow plate was tasty and better for me than more white carbs, and I’m happy with what I ate, but I’ll be sure to get variety in my diet so as to give my body the best I can (with the odd cake here and there 😇 )

I hope you can take something away from this and I’ll post again soon🌱 xx


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