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I’m Chloe, I’m 20 and I’m vegan – hoping to inspire and learn from others as I continue on my journey.

What’s this blog about?

Here I’ll share some of my favourite recipes for home cooking, best places to eat as a vegan, as well as skincare and beauty products.  

So, why am I vegan?

Since watching Cowspiracy in early 2016 (http://www.cowspiracy.com/) I felt inspired to change my diet to help not only animals, but the environment and myself.  I was discouraged by some because of their concerns for my health but after showing them this documentary and explaining the benefits of veganism, they soon began to help me on my journey.  With this blog, I hope to show people how easy it is to be vegan and help the fuzziesRabbit on Google Android 7.1Pig on Google Android 7.1Cow on Google Android 7.1